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  • Who We Are

  • Techpc.de is a team of highly qualified computer and networking professionals. Techpc.de is with you to help in the dynamic and ever-changing world of information technology. Our services are entirely focused on each customer’s personal needs. The most important thing for us is You !!!
  • What We Offer

  • We are here to offer a professional solution for your office or home computer and office equipment design, administration and maintenance. Our personal solutions tailored to your individual needs will help you reduce the costs and time associated with the deployment, use, and maintenance of your computer and office equipment. This way, you can focus entirely on your business priorities.
  • We Work With

Our Services

  • Computers and office equipment support!

  • Technical problems elimination!

  • Computer networks design, building and monitoring!

  • Repairs of all kinds of computers and office equipment!

  • Control of your business data’s safety!

  • Everything related to the optimization and security of your office or home IT network!

  • All kinds of servers configuration, installation and system administration!

  • Delivery and installation of the required spare parts directly to your home or workplace!

Best Computer Repairment Services. EVERY PC NEEDS STABILITY!